• Next week is Sexual Assault Awareness week.  Did you know that 1 in 2 women & 1 in 5 men experience sexual assault or violence in their lifetime? And the majority of assaults occur towards people between the ages of 18-34?
      * Next Tuesday you will be given teal ribbons to wear throughout the week to show support for this cause.
      * Wednesday is ‘Denim Day’ which honors a woman who was said to be at fault for her assault because she was wearing tight denim pants.
      * Thursday will be $1 Hat day to raise money for the local Children’s Advocacy Center.
      * Throughout the week, you can take time to participate in the Clothesline Project by writing words of encouragement on a printed t-shirt that will be hung in the cafeteria.  Please see the office to pick up a paper printed t-shirt.
    • The varsity soccer team took down Oakville in a 3-1 win with goals by Mary Gassaway (2) & Haley Glover. Assists were by Kennedy Jones (2) & Kyra Bivins.
    • The JV soccer team also played Oakville last night, who was 8-0 coming into tonight’s game. Oakville is not 8-1 because we won 2-1.  Kalli Baumann & Kaleigh Wilhelmn. Kallie’s goal was assisted by Sophie Gill-Kemper & Kaleigh’s was unassisted.
    • Thanks to all the students who helped with the City of Columbia Recycle event last Saturday!  You were all great!  If you did not pick up a Community Service form, please see Mrs. Pickett today.  Thanks again!
    • Today is the last day to review the results of the RSVP Summit I that are posted in the cafeteria.  The Leadership team will be meeting right after break to decide what changes we will be able to make before the end of the school year.  Thanks for your participation and voicing your opinions!
    • Sophomores & Juniors: Please remember to check your email for a message from Mrs. Simon about 2019-2020 parking spots.  Your response is needed by FRIDAY.  All balances, with the exception of AP test fees, must be paid before you can pick your parking spot for 2019-20 school year.
    • This week’s You Rock nominees are Chloe Graff, Tyler Jachino, Cade Napier, Ethan Sturm, Grace Tutor, & Addison White. And the winner is….Grace Tutor!  Congratulations!  Please stop by the office & see Mrs. Huels for your prize.
    • Thank you to all who participated in Pocket Points this week! We had a record number of possible winners this week, but the overall winner is…..Mikaela Kossina!  Congratulations!  Please stopo by the office & see Mrs. Huels for your prize!


    Marvelous Monday - Being different is one of the most beautiful things!

    • Congratulations on another 1st place to our CHS Math team this weekend at the MaPP Challenge - Math Competition at SLU! We had two teams compete & both did a great job!  Teams were required to solve puzzles that unlocked GPS coordinates where further clues could be found.
      • The Columbia Blue Team members who took 1st place include:  Anna Baur, Lauren Baur, Nick Bierman, Ashleigh Boyer, Luke Haubein, & Ethan Sturm.
      • The Columbia White Team members include:  Mason Albers, Mitchell Augustin, Caleb Bahr, Tyler Grafton, Peter Livingston, & Jalen Ralph.
    • The varsity soccer Eagles ended up with a 1-1 tie against O’Fallon on Saturday.  Fae Harrell scored for the Eagles, assisted by Reagan Mauch.  The girls play at home tonight against Oakville High School.
    • The JV soccer team won against O’Fallon 2-1. Goals scored by by Joli Steffenauer & Sabrina Walters; assisted by Sophie Gill-Kemper & Katie Wilhelmn.  Goalie Emma Muskopf preserved the win with a save on a pk!
    • Students: On Friday, April 12 an email was sent to you notifying you of any fees you may owe.
      • Seniors with balances: All balances must be paid to participate in the graduation ceremony.  AP test fees are due by the scheduled test date
      • Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors with balances: All balances, with the exception of AP test fees, must be paid before you can pick your parking spot for 2019-20 school year.  AP test fees are due by the scheduled test date.
    • Freshmen baseball & JV softball should be dismissed at 2:30 pm for a bus departure at 2:40 pm to Edwardsville. Track athletes should not be dismissed early, bus leaves at 3:00 pm.



    Student Calendar
    Monday, April 15
    Tuesday, April 16
    Wednesday, April 17 - No School
    Thursday, April 18 - No School
    Friday, April 19 - No School
    Monday, April 22 - No School

    Athletic Calendar
    Monday, April 15
    Track @ Dupo, 4:00 pm
    JV Base @ Edwardsville, 4:30 pm
    V Base @ HOME, 4:30 pm
    JV Soft @ Edwardsville, 4:30 pm
    JV Soccer @ HOME, 5:00 pm
    V Soccer @ HOME, 6:30 pm
    Tuesday, April 16
    JV Base @ HOME, 4:30 pm
    V Base @ Trenton City Park, 4:30 pm
    V Soft @ Trenton City Park, 4:30 pm
    Wednesday, April 17
    Girls’ Track @ Mascoutah, 4:00 pm
    JV Base @ HOME, 4:30 pm
    JV Soft @ HOME, 4:30 pm
    V Base @ Valmeyer, 4:30 pm
    V Soft @ Red Bud, 4:30 pm
    Thursday, April 18
    V Soccer @ Nernix Hall, 4:00 pm
    JV Soccer @ Nernix Hall, 5:45 pm
    Friday, April 19
    Boys’ Track @ Mascoutah, 4:00 pm

    Weekly Menu
    Monday, April 15 - Chicken Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Hot Roll, Broccoli, Mandarin Oranges, Mixed Fruit
    Tuesday, April 16 - Taco, Corn, Lettuce, Applesauce, Cranberries, Cookie