6th Grade Social Studies - World History 

    Our 6th grade social studies curriculum concentrates on the history and geography of Africa, Asia, and Europe.  The year begins with the Old Stone Age and ends in current times. Extended units include Ancient River Civilizations, Greece, and Rome, also the Middle Ages and Renaissance, French and Russian Revolutions, and WWI/WWII. Throughout the year we will also be touching on Economics, World Religions and Geography. 

    Classroom Rules/Contact Info


    618-281-4993 ext 3001

    Room D204

    Class Page Link: https://www.chseagles.com/Page/4316

    RESPECT - Yourself

    Your Classmates 

    Your Environment 

    RAISE - Your Hand

    Your Confidence 

    Your Expectations 

    FOLLOW - Class Procedures


    School Policies 

    Materials Needed

    1. Blue Folder     2. Scissors     3. Notebook (College or Comp.)

    4. Pens/Pencils     5. Glue Stick       6. Headphones


    Social Media:

    I like to use social media often in my classroom. We have some great projects that I like to record and upload to YouTube.To follow and keep up with any videos that I post, type in this link on your browser and click subscribe: https://bit.ly/2JUXLcj


    Attached in this pack is a sheet with instructions on how to sign up for Remind Application. If you have not used it before, Remind is an application/texting program that allows me to communicate directly with parents and students with the click of a button. I will use this throughout the year for reminders and updates for students and parents in my classroom.

    Grading System:

    I will use the same grading scale as stated in the CMS handbook. Grades in the class are as follows:

    1. Homework - Though I don’t give homework often, there will be the occasional homework assignment that will be graded
    2. Mini Quizzes - Students will have mini quizzes throughout the week worth 5-10 points to assess how well they are doing on specific topics
    3. Tests - At the end of each unit students will have a test worth 50-100 points
    4. Projects - There will be some exciting group projects each quarter that will be worth anywhere from 20-100 points depending on the size of the project
    5. Journal - At the end of the semester I will check each students journal to see if they have been keeping up with bellwork and notes we take in class 50 points

    Should a student fail to complete an assignment by the due date, their grade will drop 10% for each day that assignment is missing.

    Absence Policy:

    If a student is absent from class it is their job to get any make up work from me the next day they are back. Students will have the number of days they missed plus one to turn in any work or take any quizzes/tests that they missed.

    Classroom Management:

    If a student breaks a rule in my class the consequences are as follows:

    1. Verbal Warning - I will address the situation as needed in class
    2. Conference With Me - Student will meet with me after class or in the hallway during class
    3. Lunch Detention - Student will have lunch in my room and complete classwork during the 30 minute period
    4. Parent Contact - I will contact the parents of student with infraction and appropriate action will be taken
    5. Referral - A referral will be written up and sent to the office resulting in further discipline from administration



    1. Verbal Praise, Notes Home, Calls to Parents
    2. Random Rewards - Prizes for review games, best projects, best grade on tests etc.
    3. Lunch with Mr. T
    4. Class Rewards - If the class as a whole has the best overall grade of all 7 hours at the end of the quarter, that class earns a team party/reward determined by myself

    My Job As Your Teacher:

    1. Bring a positive and uplifting energy to the classroom
    2. Be prepared and put forth a strong effort to help my students learn
    3. Be available to all of my students throughout the day for any questions or problems
    4. Treat all of my students with respect and to make sure they treat each other the same
    5. Help my students grow not only academically, but in great character as well

    I’m extremely excited and I look forward to a great year! Please feel free to contact me at anytime with questions or concerns throughout the year. Communication is key in forming a maintaining a positive relationship in the classroom! In order to stay successful in my class you must:

    1. Be Present
    2. Be Prepared
    3. Be Positive
    4. Put in the Effort