• Name Email Building Class Athletic Club
    Adair, Chelsea adair.chelsea@columbia4.org High School Special Education
    Adams, Mary adams.mary@columbia4.org High School English
    Alexander, Rebecca F alexander.becky@columbia4.org Middle School 5th Grade
    Andre, Elizabeth L andre.elizabeth@columbia4.org High School English Media Sponsor
    Arnold, Elisha arnold.elisha@columbia4.org High School Spanish
    Bain, Patrice M bain.patrice@columbia4.org Middle School 8th Grade
    Baker, Courtney baker.courtney@columbia4.org Eagleview Elementary Deaf & Hard of Hearing
    Baker, Courtney baker.courtney@columbia4.org High School Deaf & Hard of Hearing
    Barnett, Angie barnett.angie@columbia4.org Parkview Elementary 2nd Grade
    Becherer, April becherer.april@columbia4.org Eagleview Elementary Assistant Principal
    Bedard, Amanda bedard.amanda@columbia4.org High School Health/PE Girls JV Softball
    Bedard, Amanda bedard.amanda@columbia4.org Middle School Health/PE 7th Grade Softball
    Bidlack, Brian bidlack.brian@columbia4.org High School Science Varsity Assistant Football Coach
    Biffar, Vicki biffar.vicki@columbia4.org Eagleview Elementary 1st Grade
    Bluell, Ali bluell.ali@columbia4.org District School Psychologist
    Boatman, Courtney boatman.courtney@columbia4.org Middle School 8th Grade English CMS Cheer
    Briesacher, Kelly L briesacher.kelly@columbia4.org High School English
    Bueltemann, Denise bueltemann.denise@columbia4.org Parkview Elementary 3rd Grade
    Bunting, Nicole bunting.nicole@columbia4.org Parkview Elementary 2nd Grade
    Burton, Carey burton.carey@columbia4.org High School Math CHS Scholar Bowl/ CHS Girls Varsity Asst Volleyball Coach
    Carosello, Nick carosello.nick@columbia4.org Parkview Elementary 4th Grade
    Castelli, Courtney L castelli.courtney@columbia4.org Middle School Assistant Principal
    Chudd, Sarah chudd.sarah@columbia4.org Eagleview Elementary Kindergarten
    Clayton, Carrie L clayton.carrie@columbia4.org High School Science Color Guard
    Cocos-Stumpf, Sarah cocos-stumpf.sarah@columbia4.org Middle School Admin Asst