• Student Accidental Injury Insurance



    Student Accidental Injury Insurance - For the convenience of parents, Unit No. 4 has contracted with Student Insurance, a Division of K&K Insurance (Gerlock & Associates) for the 2018-2019 student accidental injury insurance plan and services.  Unit No. 4 is not the insuring agent, and all inquiries regarding benefits should be directed to Wayne Gerlock of Gerlock & Associates, (618)967-8193.  Questions regarding claims should be directed to K&K Insurance, at 855-742-3135, not the school offices.  Please note that this group accidental injury policy has specific limitations on medical fee payments.  Coverages are noted on the forms distributed. More information is available on their website: www.kandkinsurance.com or on the CUSD4 website.  Premium fees for the student accident insurance are as follows (please make checks payable to K&K Insurance):


                                                   Low Option          High Option

     School-Time Coverage  (K-12)  . . . $ 29.00 . . . . . .  $ 37.00

     24-Hour Coverage      (K-12)  . . .  105.00 . . . . . .   154.00


    Football and Athletic Insurance - School Board policy specifies that the parents or guardians of all students who participate in the Unit No. 4 athletic program must sign an athletic waiver/consent form prior to beginning practice.  The waiver states that the parents will enroll the student in the group plan provided by the school or agree to have in full force and effect medical coverage through a private insurance company.  Football‑only insurance coverage is offered for a $171.00 (Low Option), or $284.00 (High Option) premium.