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    Why I first started to love astronomy:  The Perseids Meteor Shower

    It's an awesome thing to see before school starts!





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    Phone Number:  618-281-5001 ext 2062
    Undergraduate Degree & Major:  Bachelors of Science:  Physics Education
    University:  Eastern Illinois University
    Graduate Degree & Major:  Masters in Science Education
    University:  Eastern Illinois University
    Years of teaching in CUSD4:  23
    Years of total teaching experience:  30
    *For all classes, students should look at their google classroom for posted notes, worksheets, and homework answers.  I also post regularly in Remind--where both parents and students can see what is happening in class.  
    About Me:
    I love science--of all sorts.  While my major was in physics, I also have taken several chemistry, math and astronomy classes.  I do enjoy science...and I enjoy helping students learn about it.  I am very willing to work with students before or after school if they have a difficulty with a topic.  I hope that we can help students learn about, appreciate and enjoy  many of the branches of science.  There really is a lot to learn out there!  :-)