Congratulations senior student!  If you're reading this it means you are most likely in your senior year and are searching for information regarding graduation. You're almost there!  Hang on tight because this year goes extremely fast. Don't forget to take care of some of the important items below....your parents have waited a long time to see you graduate!  Be prepared and graduate with class!

    Senior Photos

    All seniors must have their photo taken during registration by Lifetouch for their identifcation card and for the CHS Yearbook. Our school photographer, Lifetouch will be setting up a "Senior Studio" right here at CHS!  We're hoping this makes it more convenient for seniors, but their "studio" will only be set up at the high school for the three days of registration and a makeup day late in August.  No appointments are necessary.
    ALL SENIORS MUST UTILIZE Lifetouch services if they want their photo in the CHS yearbook and on the composite in the front lobby upon graduation. There is no fee to have these photos taken.  A package of photos may be purchased, but is not required.  Seniors may go to another photographer for their personal portfolio, but in order to be shown in the yearbook must have a set of photos taken by Lifetouch in the appropriate attire (see below).
    Senior photos for student identification cards will also be prepared on site during registration.  Because of this improved process, in addition to getting photos taken in the "Senior Studio" on the day of registration, seniors will also need to go to the cafeteria area to get a separate photo taken to receive their identification card.

    Please Note:   

    • boys must have on a long sleeve shirt and tie;
    • girl must be appropriately dressed (must have sleeves, no logo t-shirts (follow the dress code).
    • this is the photo that will be used in the yearbook and the class composite (located in front hallway) 

    Caps & Gowns

    To participate in the CHS Graduation, all seniors must  wear a cap and gown.  In mid November, a representative from Josten's comes to CHS with packets of information regarding the ordering of student caps and gowns.  The Josten's representative briefly speaks to all students during an assembly of seniors. The rep returns the following week to take orders and answer questions.  The office will take completed order forms for two weeks after this date.  After this time period, all orders will need to be mailed directly to Josten's. 

    The caps and gowns are delivered to CHS in early Spring and distributed to students.

    The cords that are worn for honors, NHS and student council are provided to students by the school for the ceremony and do not need to be purchased. However, all cords should be returned or the student will be charged for them.

    Graduation Announcements

    Announcements for the graduation ceremony are ordered from Josten's at the same time as caps and gowns.  This is the only company that offers the announcements designed specifically for Columbia. 

    The Josten's representative comes to the high school some time in early November with packets of information.  At this time you will need to sit down with your parents and prepare your list of friends and family you wish to send a graduation announcement.  Try to order a few more than you think you will need.  You may send in an additional order to Josten's, but it usually takes two to three weeks to receive a shipment.  The office will have additional announcements available for sale for $1/each beginning in April.

    Exemption from Exams

    In April of a student's junior year, each junior must take the PSAE exam (Prairie State Achievement Exam).  This exam is mandated by the state and is required for graduation from CHS.  If a student "meets" or "exceeds" in each subject area, they will be exempt from taking second semester exams in their senior year These students do not have to attend school when exams are held in the spring semester.  

    Columbia High School Graduation date is announced after it is approved by the CUSD4 School Board in November. 

    Graduation Practice is considered MANDATORY in order to walk in the ceremony.  All seniors will receive information in the mail regarding the practice date held early in May.
    If a student cannot attend, they must speak with Mr. Dandurand.

    At practice, students will be asked to check the spelling of their name on the program and they may be asked for the correct pronunciation of their name. Directions will be given for seating and told where to be prior to and after the ceremony and many other details that ensure a successful ceremony.  Graduates will receive a handout during graduation practice with detailed instructions for graduation day.    Again, this is a MANDATORY practice.

    Our community is still small enough that our school does not require tickets for admittance into graduation.  However, because of this, seating is first come, first served. Many people begin arriving as early as an hour ahead of time to ensure their seat selection.  We prefer that people do not "save" seats for their entire family.  If a large family is attending, they should all come early to sit in their preferred seats. 

    Updated 10/24/14