• What is New in the Cafeteria?

    Recent changes in federal guidelines will increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that your child will be served in the cafeteria. Fruit and vegetable servings will be based upon age groups and will increase in size and vegetable variety. You can also expect to see products such as pasta, bread products, and pizza crusts made from whole grains.

    We have already began working toward these new guidelines. The cafeteria employees are looking at many new entrées and side items that help meet the new vegetable and whole grain requirements. Please encourage your child to try the new items.

    For more information regarding these federal guidelines, please visit www.choosemyplate.gov. This site also includes ideas for meals, exercise, and activities focusing on healthy living.

    For questions or concerns, please contact Lora Glowacki (Food Service Director) at
    Food Service Director
    Lora Glowacki, SNS
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